Lately, liquid silicone has seen a surge in its use on LEDS, lighting and lens related applications. Since 2000, Albright Technologies has built on our experience working with liquid silicone in the molding of lenses and lighting fixtures. Albright Technologies has completed many silicone overmolding projects that required encapsulating LED lights with liquid silicone. Through the advancements made in silicone material technology, we are able to utilize optically clear liquid silicone for molding lighting and lens related parts, and can provide silicone prototypes and production molded parts for many types of lighting applications.  We utilize optically clear liquid silicones manufactured at Shin-Etsu, Dow Corning, Wacker and Nusil.

As stated before, Albright Technologies and other silicone molders have noticed an expansion of liquid silicones use in lighting and LED applications. Listed below are five reasons why today, liquid silicone is more commonly used in this ever growing market.

  1. Optically clear liquid silicone is nearly transparent and will not lose its transparency as it ages.

  2. Color dispersions can be added to optically clear liquid silicones to create a tint to the lighting device

  3. Optically clear silicone provides a wide temperature range allowing the lighting device to be used indoors and outdoors at extremely hot and cold temperatures.

  4. The material is more flexible than glass and polycarbonate, reducing the chance of breakage and eliminating the possibility of shattering.

  5. Optically clear silicones have a high level of UV stability making them ideal for outdoor lighting applications

Our team at Albright Technologies can provide you with optically clear liquid silicone rubber prototypes and production parts in 15 business days or less! To learn more about Albright’s capabilities for molding your LED, lighting, or lens parts in optically clear liquid silicone, please contact our sales department today. Our sales staff can be reached by email at info@albrightsilicone.com or by phone at 978.466.5870.


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