Our team of engineers will work with you to develop new processes and silicone formulations that allow you to push the boundaries of silicone manufacturing.

Below you will find a case study of a project that we worked on jointly with Frangioni Laboratory. This is just one example of the many ways in which we use our extensive knowledge of silicone processing along with our innovative and creative problem solving skills to work with our customers to develop new silicone manufacturing processes. Our rapid in house silicone prototyping capabilities assures the fastest turn around time for developing new parts.

Case Study: Frangioni Labs

LED array assembly and housing

Problem: Heat dispersion

Solution: Albright Technologies was able to work with Dr. Frangioni and his team to develop a process for overmolding LED arrays with a thermally conductive silicone. This increased the effeciency of the LED array by 25% because the thermally conductive silicone overmolding effectively dissipated the heat from the LED array to the alluminum housing.

Problem: Color coding

Solution: We were able to add a color dispersion to the thermally conductive silicone so that technicians were able to determine the color of the LED array without having to turn it on.

Problem: Light scattering

Solution: We were able to develop a silicone component that fits precisely over the LED array, that effectively collimated the light emitting from the LED array.

White LED

LED array overmolded with thermally conductive silicone


Silicone Collimator

Purple LED

LED array overmolded with thermally conductive silicone color coded

To hear more about Dr. Frangioni please see his Testimonial or visit his webpage at www.frangionilab.org

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