Albright Technologies provides a range of secondary operations for silicone parts to give your part that final touch, after it comes off the silicone production molding line. These additional steps, if required, will ensure that you receive parts that fulfill your requirements. If you would like to learn more about these value-added manufacturing services for your silicone parts, please contact Christi or Ryan at 978.466.5870 or via email today.

Secondary operations for silicone parts that we provide our customers include:

Quality Assurance Inspection:
In order to ensure that all of your critical tolerances are met and the part meets your expectations, we utilize a ROI Starlite non-contact Optical Measurement System to inspect your parts.

Post Curing:
Many of the silicone parts we mold for our customers require post curing to fully crosslink the material. We utilize modern, calibrated ovens to ensure accurate time and temperature profiles with each batch we process.

Cryogenic Deflashing:
If your part has tight flash tolerances, we can meet the specification using cryogenic deflashing methods. This computer controlled process causes the flash to become brittle through cold temperatures and utilizes a fine plastic media to blast off the frozen flash.

Laser Marking:
We offer laser marking as an ideal permanent marking solution for our customers parts. Direct part marking eliminates the need for inks, dyes, chemicals, adhesive labels and other high maintenance marking methods. Typical information that is laser marked to parts includes lot codes, regulatory markings, serialization, bar codes and private labels.

Pad Printing:
For customers seeking a 2D printed image on their part, we provide pad printing. This is an ideal printing process for parts that have complex geometries.

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