Rapid Mold Design

Albright Technologies provides tooling for silicone molding in-house, allowing us complete control over the mold tooling manufacturing process. Albright will build your silicone prototype and production molding tools using your supplied 3D CAD model. If you only have part drawings or napkin sketches, Albright’s team of engineers will work with you to create a 3D CAD model that can be used to build your mold for silicone parts. Our team is highly skilled in designing, machining and processing silicone mold tooling. We have put a significant amount of resources into developing innovative mold designs that deal with the complexities of liquid silicone molding. Our rapid tooling process focuses on combining steps in the design procedure to fast track the “CAD model to prototype” process. We also maintain a large inventory of aluminum and steel mold bases and cutting tools to further shorten our lead times.

Intricate Details and Tight Tolerances

Liquid silicone is able to reproduce even the finest details in the molds we manufacture. This is a great benefit when tight tolerances are required. We have extensive experience running end mills as small as 0.005″ in diameter to machine fine features while maintaining critical tolerances.

Special Features and Undercuts

Liquid silicone has the ability to produce parts with under cuts without the need for special tooling. If a part has special features, we utilize hand pulls and manual slides. These additions make liquid silicone mold tooling less expensive and help reduce lead time.

Surface Finishes

We have a variety of surface finishes to offer our customers. We are able to provide surface matching, machine finish without tool marks, varying levels of polished surfaces, and light texturing among others.

Fast Delivery

Our standard turnaround for rapid tooling and engineering samples is 15 days. We offer 5 and 10 day expedites for a nominal fee. These expedites are available depending on the complexity of the part’s geometry and our production schedule. To fast track your part design into a physical silicone part, please call us today at 978.466.5870 or visit our RFQ page.

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