Albright customers have varying liquid silicone molding part requirements from just a few to low volume production. Quantity requirements for silicone molding parts vary from ten to a million parts annually even though most are averaging under 10,000 annually. Prototype aluminum tooling typically can mold 10,000 liquid silicone parts annually. Prototype tooling is made out of either aluminum or steel with manual slides and manual part removal. Production tooling is constructed out of hardened steel, automatic slides, and robotic part removal. The number of cavities for the prototype tool is normally from 1 to 4 cavities while a production tool could be as high as 144 cavities.

Advantages of using a prototype tooling to mold silicone parts are:

  • Molded silicone parts in days as compared to months
  • Shorter lead time
  • Inexpensive tooling
  • Cost to make revision is less

There are economic tradeoffs when selecting a particular quantity to prototype aluminum tool for liquid silicone molded parts:

Prototype tool up to 10,000 liquid silicone molded parts:

  • Lower cost tooling
  • Shorter lead time
  • Cost to make revision is low
  • Lower risk if the program is canceled
  • Part price is higher

Prototype tool over 10,000 liquid silicone molded parts:

  • Higher tool cost
  • Longer lead time
  • Cost to make revision is high
  • High risk if the program is canceled
  • Lower part price


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