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Silicone Molding Production & Molded Parts

Albright Technologies specializes in silicone molding production for silicone molded parts, and we deliver orders for our customers on a daily basis.

Once the prototyping phase is completed and parts are validated, customers will require production orders for their respective silicone parts. Whether you need 10 or 100,000 parts, we are fully capable of handling your required volume utilizing compression, transfer, or liquid injection molding tools.

If your production volume requirements are forecasted in advance, a multi-cavity tool can be purchased during the prototyping phase. If your production volume increases, our team can design and develop a multi-cavity aluminum or steel mold to lower your cost per piece.

We have teamed with multiple silicone molding houses to process parts for customers with high volume parts. This makes for an easy transition from the prototyping and low volume production phases to the high volume production phase.

We have an ISO 13485 Class 8 hard walled, controlled environment room for molding parts such as medical & biopharmaceutical devices, and aerospace gaskets.

Our facility also contains a large production area for parts not requiring clean room molding. Depending on your silicone production molding requirements, we can inject mold your silicone parts in either our controlled environment room or on our production floor.

Partner with Albright Technologies as your one-stop-shop in silicone molding. From 3D CAD modeling to prototyping to production molding, we will assist you along the way!

Call our sales department at 978.466.5870 or contact us via email. If you have silicone part designs ready for quote, please send us your drawings and 3D models via our RFQ page.

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