Silicone Molding for LED and Lighting Applications

Albright Technologies has provided silicone molding services for lenses, lighting fixtures and LED lights since the year 2000. In most cases Albright overmolds liquid silicone onto LED lights to encapsulate them. Advancements in liquid silicone rubber have allowed LED lighting and fixture applications to thrive in recent years.

Ongoing advancements in LED lighting technology that are driving its increased use in medical devices include improved light intensity, long-term reliability, temperature control and the variation of wavelengths. This has resulted in many major silicone suppliers offering optically clear liquid silicone rubbers with even greater clarity for molders and device makers to choose from.

LED Lenses

Medical silicone LED lighting applications can be molded using compression and liquid injection molding processes. In some applications the silicone component can be placed around the LED lights. In other applications, LED lights require encapsulation and through our silicone overmolding process.

If you are looking for silicone molding services for your LED lighting, lense, or lighting fixture application contact Albright Technologies. Albright will review your CAD models and part drawings rapidly to provide a quote within 24 to 48 hours. If design changes are needed for manufacturability, we will review the changes with you in detail.

Whether you need prototypes or production molding services, we have you covered. Albright services customers ranging from funded start-ups to large companies who require molded medical silicone LED light parts in quantities up to 250,000 units per year. We can prototype in compression tools and mold production parts with liquid injection molding machines.

Prototype LED lighting device molds can be purchased starting at $3,000 and up, based on the complexity and geometry of the mold. Our standard turnaround time on prototype compression tools is only 15 business days, but when available these tools can be had in 5 and 10 business days; at the end of this period, you will have a completed prototype tool and engineering samples in hand. Injection molds for production tend to take a bit longer to complete, as they are often made of harder metal taking more time to cut and fit components and to optimize to cycle time prior to completion. Injection molds take 20 to 30 business days to complete. Albright will be your silicone molding partner from the prototypes in the beginning to the production runs when the Silicone LED part has gone to market.

Optically Clear Lenses

Albright has seen the popularity of optically clear silicones become more apparent with LED lighting applications over the past couple of years. Here are some applications that utilize both LED lighting and silicone materials:

1.    Light Therapy Devices
2.    Endoscopy Lights
3.    Lighting Dental Treatment
4.    Therapy Lighting
5.    Biological Sensors
6.    Lab-on-a-chip devices
7.    Photodynamic therapy
8.    Phototherapy
9.    Wellness Lamps
10.  Back-lit keypads

Whether your needs are 5 or 10 prototypes or 250,000 production parts, Albright is your one-stop, rapid turnaround silicone molder. Our standard lead time on molded parts is 15 business days. High quantity orders can take several more business days to complete. We will mold your medical silicone LED lighting devices in our ISO Class 8 Controlled Environment Room under our ISO 13485:2008 certification. If you would like to learn more please contact our sales department at or by phone at 978.466.5870.

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