One of Albright’s most substantial values to our customers is reducing project time with our quick response process. Customers tell us that our quick response is one of the most valuable services we consistently provide. In order to provide a quick response to the medical silicone customer, there can’t be any delays from the initial quote to the shipment of the medical silicone parts.

  • When project developers need quick silicone molded parts to be tested to meet their project deadline, they begin by searching for a company to best fit their needs. Several key factors will be considered such as the company’s focus, reputation, product knowledge, and on-time delivery.
  • A small company usually starts the project by signing the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) the first day. Quoting of the silicone molded parts can be done in a maximum of two days, in comparison to a large company, where it can take up to a week because approval has to be gotten from multiple teams of management and engineers. In some cases, quoting can be done the same day if the project is time sensitive. Due to the flexibility of a small company, customers can input their special requirements during the quoting process.
  • While waiting for the quoting to be processed and accepted, a team of engineers would quickly discuss with the customer to see whether the project is feasible. Design engineers also assist on suggesting a particular silicone grade for application suitability. In addition, making any recommendations over the manufacturing process to ease the silicone molding design will be implemented.
  • Once the revisions for manufacturability are made and the order is placed, the mold design will be completed via computer-aided design software and a suitable liquid silicone grade will be selected for that particular application.
  • In the same week of completing the mold design, material including special tooling is immediately ordered once a small management team approves. The following week, a high speed 3D machining of the aircraft-graded aluminum mold is then carried out from a large stock of custom base mold. When the mold is made and fully polished and cleaned, silicone molded parts are quickly produced.
  • The same day that the silicone parts are molded, a quality control team would step in to assure the dimensions are correct and will meet the customer’s requirements. In order to complete the whole project, assembly work can also be done in the same facility. The completed silicone molded parts will then be packaged and shipped to the customer as fast as next day.


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