Precision is crucial in the healthcare industry. Albright offers OEMs the most advanced molding solutions, in a clean and safe environment.

Albright’s engineering and production teams are experienced in medical device manufacturing and familiar with the healthcare industry’s unique regulatory and quality requirements, and are therefore uniquely positioned to offer medical OEMs the most advanced molding solutions available.  Albright recently added our two state-of-the-art Class 8 cleanrooms to ensure medical parts are molded in the cleanest and safest environment possible, each focusing on LSR or thermoplastic manufacturing, complement our medical devices.

  • Medical/Healthcare – Critical components like gaskets, seals, catheter components, lenses, implantable components, etc.
  • Bioscience – such as well plates, cassettes for cellular metabolism, microfluidic pads, etc. that require high levels of control.
  • Disposables – Combining process control with efficient manufacturing principles to eliminate waste and unnecessary cost.

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