The Silicone Molding Design Manual was compiled by Albright Technologies to provide design professionals with pertinent information regarding silicone molding, silicone properties, benefits and uses of silicone, specifically, the use of medical silicone and the variety of medical grade silicones available.

The manual will help designers understand how to design silicone parts for ease of manufacturability and determine what types of silicone should be utilized in a range of applications.

Our 200+ page, searchable manual has been downloaded over 10,000 times and is continuously revised and updated. Topics in the manual include but are not limited to, short and long term medical silicones available, silicone molding, silicone implantable components, silicone applications, silicone o-rings, silicone gaskets, silicone diaphragms, conductive silicones, high temperature silicones and vibration damping silicones.

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