Add silicone coloring and tinting to your silicone products and parts.

Albright Technologies has the ability to add color and tint to your silicone prototype and production parts. Our team of silicone coloring experts have provided all our customers with high-quality liquid silicone coloring and tinting to silicone parts; working closing with brands like NASA, Johnson + Johnson, and Philips to just to name a few.

Also, we have partnered with GSDI (formerly Gayson SDI) and Nusil Technology as well; providing silicone colorants. In the silicone molding industry, colorants are known as dispersions. In order to provide silicone coloring to parts, we’ll first need to add dispersions before completing the static mixing stage. The normal amount of dispersion used is 2% by weight. When a color is chosen for the silicone coloring process, it is best practice for you to use the same silicone manufacturer in order to maintain the same color from part to part. If you choose to subscribe and use a different silicone manufacturer for your project scope, it is highly likely that your silicone coloring product will show inconsistent coloring; changing slightly which is often not acceptable.

GSDI and Nusil Technology have partnered together to create a line of silicone masterbatches for medical applications that are customized for Nusil’s short term and long term implantable grade silicones. In long term implantable silicone parts, the dispersion has to be a long-term implantable colorant as well. We utilize Nusil Silicone Technology for long term implantable dispersions.

Please visit GSDI to view 40 standard silicone coloring options in stock. GSDI also has the capability to provide color matching (Pantone, PMS colors and others) if you have a color in mind.

Where to get silicone coloring and tinting for your silicone parts?

Look no further. If you are in need of a certain liquid silicone color for your parts, please request assistance from our sales department at 978.466.5870 or via email at Our sales team will get the right color and tone to match your part design’s requirements!







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