Lately, liquid silicone has seen a surge in its use on LEDS, lighting and lens related applications. Since 2000, Albright Technologies has built on our experience working with liquid silicone in the molding of lenses and lighting fixtures. Albright Technologies has completed many silicone overmolding projects that required encapsulating LED lights with liquid silicone….

Overmolding Silicone With the growing popularity of electronic wearables and advances in medical diagnostic equipment, silicone molders are seeing an increased demand for parts molded onto electronic substrates and overmolding silicone processes. There are many additional considerations that a molder must be wary of when taking on an electronics over-molding project. We’ve highlighted three of the most important considerations in…

Albright is pleased to announce the addition of its Arburg 175V All Rounder for liquid silicone injection molding. Albright was recently published in a Plastic News magazine article regarding the addition of this Arburg 14 ton press. The new Arburg 175V All Rounder injection press is an excellent fit for the company as it allows for micro liquid…

Every day the Albright team works on interesting silicone applications that are used in almost every industry. Albright recently provided tooling and silicone molding services for silicone septums incorporated into the food bags used by astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS). The food bags contain all different kinds of dry food, which becomes edible…

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