Every day the Albright team works on interesting silicone applications that are used in almost every industry. Albright recently provided tooling and silicone molding services for silicone septums incorporated into the food bags used by astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS). The food bags contain all different kinds of dry food, which becomes edible once water is added. Every astronaut must draw the food from the bag through, through the silicone septum, into their mouth. Almost every meal and drink consumed on the International Space Station (ISS) is pulled through a silicone septum manufactured at Albright. It’s an honor for the Albright team to assist in man’s endeavor to explore space.

To learn more about how the food bags are used by astronauts in outer space, check out Google’s “How do you live in space” video, below.

Camp Google Space Week – Explore with NASA

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Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor joined the Albright Technologies team in September of 2014. Previously, he worked in the plastics and rubber industries for 7 years in multiple sales, marketing and management roles. Ryan received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Clark University in 2009. At Albright, Ryan works to increase business development through multiple marketing channels and networking within the industries that the company serves. In his spare time outside of work, Ryan enjoys skiing, driving and travelling.
Ryan Taylor

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