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Albright Technologies has added silicone injection molding tooling and services to its product lineup. As a rapid silicone prototyper, Albright has always employed the latest technology to provide its customers with high quality silicone parts with short lead times. Liquid silicone injection molding became a suitable product offering as we expanded our offerings to better serve the silicone molding market.

While silicone prototypes are commonly manufactured with low volumes in mind; injection molded liquid silicone rubber parts are typically molded at higher volumes.

Therefore, silicone injection molding allows Albright to fill a gap where compression molding services are not well suited. While ramping up to higher volumes, production injection molding will offer continuous and repeatable results time and time again.

Once your part design is beyond the prototyping phase, then it is ready to go into low-volume production. At this point, a single cavity or multi-cavity injection tool should be manufactured and used. The injection tool will produce parts more rapidly with a lower cost per unit than a comparable compression tool.

Albright provides controlled environment room (ISO Class 8) injection molding services of your silicone parts. In addition, Albright is ISO 13485 registered to better serve its medical and pharmaceutical customers.

If you are ready to have your part design quoted for injection tooling and molding services, please contact Albright Technologies today at 978.466.5870 or via email at If you would like to send your models and prints to us, please fill out our RFQ page.

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Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor joined the Albright Technologies team in September of 2014. Previously, he worked in the plastics and rubber industries for 7 years in multiple sales, marketing and management roles. Ryan received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Clark University in 2009. At Albright, Ryan works to increase business development through multiple marketing channels and networking within the industries that the company serves. In his spare time outside of work, Ryan enjoys skiing, driving and travelling.
Ryan Taylor

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