There are many benefits to designing molds made of aluminum including, cost, supply and physical properties. Here are a few reasons why aluminum is a viable material for mold tooling:

  1. Processing Aluminum has become more efficient through the use of standardized blocks for mold tooling.

  2. Aluminum allows for rapid cutting and finishing because it is highly machinable, polishable and holds micro details. Aluminum takes less finish cuts than harder metals, such as steel, further shortening CNC time. This means your parts will get to you sooner, as we can begin molding earlier.

  3. Aluminum a very light weight metal, which makes handling and operating less burdensome.

  4. Aluminum is chemical resistant, reducing corrosion as time passes.

  5. Modern welding techniques allow us to make modifications and corrections to molds including repairing damaged tools rapidly and cost-efficiently.

  6. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, reducing the time it takes for the mold to heat up before molding. The rapid transfer of heat allows for fast cycling.

  7. Some grades provide very high rigidity and wear resistance for excellent prototype tooling and fixtures.

Tell us a little bit about your molding experience. Do you use aluminum tooling? Do you agree with using aluminum for prototype and low volume tooling? Do you make tools in-house or do you outsource? What reasons would you not machine aluminum tooling for your silicone prototypes? Do you have a bias against aluminum tooling and why?

Albright Technologies will machine your molds in-house and modify them if needed in just a few days! We will turn your silicone designs from model to parts in 15 business days or less! Get a quote from Albright Today. Select the World’s Rapid Source for Silicone Molded Parts by visiting our RFQ page or calling our Sales Department at 978.466.5870.

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Ryan Taylor

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Ryan Taylor

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