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Massachusetts based Albright Silicone announces the launch of its 3D printing silicone capability for customers worldwide

Boston, MA – January 14th, 2020: Albright Silicone, a leading Massachusetts based silicone molder specializing in silicone production and prototyping, announced today the launch of their 3D printing capability.

Albright has added a 3D printing capability and developed a special 3D silicone molding process for relatively low cost rapid turnaround prototyping. Customers that need a small number of parts for initial testing but are not ready for metal tooling can benefit from working with a silicone molder that is able to provide LSR molding with 3D printed tooling.

“This capability of 3D printing and molding LSR is a helpful solution to customers’ problems when trying to develop and prove a concept before investing in metal tooling.” Says Mr. Matt Bont, Product Manager at Albright Silicone.

According to Mr Bont, customers who choose 3D printing options could benefit from the following:

  1. Molding with commercial grades of LSR between 10 and 80 Shore A durometer.
  2. Color matching needed.
  3. Mold components with complex shapes with undercuts.
  4. 2-10 parts needed quickly.
  5. Mold parts starting at roughly 1mm (0.037in) and up to 75mm (2.953in) in size.
  6. Test first stage of overmolding.

“Our capability continues to expand with this technology, and we have developed internal expertise through successfully supporting many appropriate customer projects. We have had very positive feedback from our customers for parts used for initial test prototypes, product launches with investors, and one-off functional parts.” added Mr Bont.

3D Silicone Printing

With resolutions reaching a few thousands of an inch or tenths of a mm, Albright Silicone can now print a wide range of relatively rigid high temperature thermoplastic components to meet any development needs. These can be used as an assembly or overmolding substrate component in the 3D casting process or in Albright’s regular LSR product molding, slitting, and assembly processes.

Customers interested in learning more about 3D printing silicone can reach Albright’s silicone product specialists by calling 978-466-5870 or emailing Customers can also learn more about the ins and outs of 3D printing silicone at this page:

Media contact: Matt Bont


Phone: 978 466-5870

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